Buy me a rose

I once met a woman with an amazing soul,
She had that kind of love that could fill any hole,
She had that laugh that resounded in your head for a while.

‘There was no way I was letting her go’ I thought,
‘She was the one’ I also thought.
And everytime she smiled over her shoulder,
She looked a lifetime younger.

One day while we drank cocoa on a blissful Sunday 5pm,
She leaned back into the crook of my arm,
And slightly played with her dress hem,
“Buy me a rose please dear dear Max.”

Of course I replied “I’ll get you one, is that all you want?”
She nodded and smiled.
“I’d give you the moon if that’s what you want.”
“I’ll take it”, she said with yet another smile.

The next day I bought her the rose,
And a necklace coloured moonlight blue.
But then, the Lord called her home.
I mourned for a decade,
Her going was all too soon.

And even though I got married a decade later,
Every night as I laid in bed I could still hear her,
“Buy me a rose Max.”
That’s all she ever asked

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By clarajack


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