Hes not Hafeez


My sister had a boyfriend called Hafeez

He’d come to the house once or seven times a week

They loved each other that I know

I wished to have that someday I thought so
They’d be in her room laughing for hours

That should be no sin I guess

At least not ours

And then he’d go home and she’d still be smiling
One day it rained

And my sister cried

When I asked she said

“it’s over, Hafeez left”
She never smiled again

Not even at a joke

She stopped giggling

And took nothing but coke

One day we went out

And she met another boy

A handsome one I must say

She smiled for once in a very long time
He took her number and said he’d call

He did call about seven times or more

But she didn’t pick up instead she smiled a sad smile

Showing no teeth then she said

“He’s not Hafeez”

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By clarajack


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