One more time


So here we are

Sitting in the car

Laughing at something he said

Laughing so hard the chuckle never seems to end
That smile he said he likes to see

He said it’s one of the reasons he’s up

Bright and early every morning

That I know he loves me
I love him so much I’m not afraid to say

He loves me too I drive him crazy he once said

I remember when we began our romance

It was the best choice we made. Didn’t come by chance
But there’s no us. There cannot be an us

The world won’t let us be and sadly we have become part of that world that sins

That fact alone makes me cry

He’s looking at me while I write this piece of poetry
He doesn’t know it’s about him

One day our beautiful illegitimate daughter will show him

And I’ll tell you what he’ll do

He’ll read it, smile and look at me one more time.

“Never love someone who treats you like you’re ordinary”

Oscar Wilde 💖💖

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