Without Him by Muhibbah Yahya


Without you I have been nothing but a broken shell holding up a façade of wholeness,For how can I be whole when without you I am half agony, half wonder completely and irrevocably incomplete,I sit starless night after night gazing up in search of the star that was once subject to your dandy,But night after night I am fruitless,Because like half of my soul it has twinkled outLeaving nothing but a...

The Mess You Made Me by Anita Don


ONE “Let’s quit Jason.” Samantha said. She was afraid to look directly into his eyes. But she had to,in order to prove her boldness. There were broken glasses scattered everywhere in the sitting room. The kitchen tap was rushing which made water overflow into the sitting room. The house was a mess.“Look into my eyes and tell me you don’t love me,”Jason screamed...


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