Mother called by Desire O.


today my mother calls me, even though we spoke the night before. i am not ready for any of it, so i still, until i can, until i am alone, and am charged enough to hear it  whatever it is.  in her first syllables, i hear that she is worried about me, and perplexed, i ask her why,  wondering if this is about the fact that i poke needles through my flesh to relieve pressure but she...

Does love still exist by oluwasikemi ibitoye


Dearest gentle reader, For this message, I must assume the persona of “Lady Whistledown,” addressing the whole nation of England. Today we shall discuss a very delicate subject: love. As it is today amongst members of the ton (the youth), it almost seems as though it doesn’t exist as it did in our parents’ time. The notion of love now seems like a false one that was sold...

Girls Meets Book by Lolla Ijaoye


For me, books are portals. Portals to different worlds that, although lying flat on ink and paper, possess the ability to come alive in your imagination. The first book I remember reading was titled The King’s New Clothes, and from there, the floodgates opened. I read anything I could get my hands on. Other parents complained about their kids spending too much time staring at screens; my mother...


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