Wary of Love by Emmanuella Abasiekong


“I love you” spilled from the tips of your fingers

And lit up my screen so easily

Like mere words you speak frequently

The weight of the words sat with me

Kept me up at night thinking

What could you possibly love about me?

How well do you even know me?

Why would you utter those 8 letters so freely

They mean so much to me

But i don’t know if you understand my mentality

For you to love me is to love all parts of me

The good bad and ugly

But you haven’t seen those sides of me

You love me?

Or is it an attempt to keep me on a leash?

You don’t need to try because I’m here at your feet so desperately

Accepting the pieces of you that I can

and not pushing for more

before I chase you out the door.

I guess I’ll accept your love with no questions asked

And be content with what I have

Giving you back the love in the same measure so we’re equal

Or maybe I’m just over thinking and you didn’t mean it.

Maybe they’re just words to you with no feelings.

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