Yearning Soul by Onyemauche Jessica


Today, I rebuke two distant lovers. They are too immersed in each other
but they refuse to be together. They reek of selfishness. Even the stark
man who lives close to the bakery can perceive foul odor. Selfish and
ignorant. My brothers and sisters are not rebound material. You better
find your way back to the one life feels empty without. The audacity to
speak to my sisters, contrast them to your lover and see them as
incomplete. Are they lacking something or are you?
You have ripped out your soul and given it to another and you question my
brother’s adequacy. Find your way. If you must crawl then you must hurry
now. Nobody deserves to experience you in this state. You are looking for
something exhilarating, right? Something to take your mind off him. You
are looking forward to ruining one of my brother’s life with your evil false
claws of love.
It’s Monday evening, You are delving into my sister’s world. Again, you do
it, unconsciously though. She’s put on a weight scale. She takes the left,
and, of course, your lover takes the right. You’ve now proceeded to ignore
my sister for two days. My ingénue sister texts first this time. She’s
confused. Why would a person who texted her so passionately on Monday
be missing for two days? She’s worried something has happened to you.
You reply “I have been going through things”. What things? Open your
mouth and tell her that you are slowly withering away. You are starved of
your lover’s touch. That her eyes hold light. Not because my sister has no
special light of hers, but because your gaze has been programmed to only
see your love. So I beg you now, don’t let me rebuke you again. Stay away
from my people.

Writer’s Bio:

My name is Onyemauche Jessica. I’m 20 years old. I’m a law student, entrepreneur, and writer. I hope anybody who reads my work feels something

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