I am Surulere 

Born and Bred

with akara, pap

and Agege Bread

She lives and moves

She is home to me

From Eric Moore Towers

To Mercy Eneli


I am Surulere

I am Suburbia and Serenity

I am Lazy Saturdays

Eating Oats on the balcony

I am Government School Yellow,

Private school Blue and 

After Church on Sundays

Cruising down Adelabu


I am Surulere

I am busy like Masha

Busy like Eko Club

She and I are in love 

Making merry memories

With  people you meet

And growing in grace

Right on Johnson Street


I am Surulere

Born and Bred   

Through break ins, break outs

And times I fled

Through flooded roads

And traipsing in the mud

I am Surulere

She’s in my blood 


Tolu Fowowe is a 20-year-old writer and poet born and bred in Lagos, Nigeria. Writing from a young age, his inclination towards storytelling and rhythm has gone on to define the gross majority of his work and his approach to it. Tolu has been published in many literary magazines and won multiple poetry competitions and his hope is to be the shot in the arm that African Contemporary Literature desperately needs today.


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