Absurd by Okikiola Peri


The fact that you are reading these written words does not mean it’s the right thing because all this could be a dream and you can be caught up in finding it difficult to fall asleep. 

This is a state of mind where there’s a constant battle fighting with your state of mind. No one truly understands the purpose, we came up with that just to simply justify our deeds.

Humans can never find fulfillment and satisfaction is just another concept for one that wants to be satisfied. There is a thirst for another beginning and an end that can develop eras with new dimensions that will reshape the earth, and give the world another form from the one the whole universe is used to.

We argue about flat earth and sphericity, we question what’s above, below, and around, and no one has the right answers. We have theories and some personal facts, including education and knowledge that we can’t always have with us because of change. 

This writing is also not the truth, neither is it lies. What’s important in life is having it and being consciously reminded that death also has its value and birth can come with disadvantages. Wisdom can be disregarded and sometimes understanding is of no need. 

Our reality isn’t always ours, knowing fully well that discoveries just don’t end. If what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, you can also die of channeling too much strength. 

All that we’ve absorbed and everything we perceive, coupled with our assimilations is also a way to realize that we can be deceived by anything. Therefore, for all our beliefs and opinions, there is a contrary. 

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