Here’s to us, one more toast! Another year has come and is about to go as we briefly close our doors on the 20th of December 2023. No worries, we will reopen on the 10th of January to continue doing what we do best, tell stories.

Next year is remarkably special to us as it will be our seventh year and we are very excited. There are going to be strong changes with our submissions in line with our plans and house rules. We will also instill a feedback forum for writers and so much more. The key thing to note is that our mission is to improve the blank page. To punctuate anthropology and to that effect, we must continue to grow, with our writers of course. 

We will also be launching our community, ‘The Pencils’. If you are yet to sign up, please do so. It promises to be a very useful resource for writers. We have exciting news concerning our writing class series with our friends at Iko and you will hear back from us as soon as the year starts on what that entails. 

This year we birthed a lot of projects we are proud of. At the forefront is the ‘ND Papers’ which was received very highly and nominated for an award for disability journalism. We are delighted that we can tell important stories, always. We also released our second collection, ‘You can do big things from a small place’. A collection that told remarkable stories of people who do things bigger than they from wherever they are, this is all we ever aim to do.

Finally, my reading list will be released on the day of our resumption. Something to start the year with. In curating this, I read far, wide, deep, and distant. People are writing, brilliantly so we have to listen and learn. It is a true joy I derive to be an editor reading remarkable pieces and leading this brilliant team. Our residency has also been moved to our seventh year to allow us to prepare better and invest more resources. More news will be made available to you on how to apply and the important details. While our doors are shut, the windows will still be open so feel free to peruse our archive, greatness lines our walls. P/S, I have attached our special Christmas card at the bottom!  As always, with all the excitement at what we are capable of creating, see you at seven!


Founder & Editor-in-Chief,

Pencilmarks and Scribbles Magazine. 

Happy Holidays and a Banging New Year from our house to yours. 

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Pencilmarks and Scribbles Magazine was founded in 2017 by Clara Jack to be a home for African writers, asking them to come as they are and giving them room for growth. The publication aims to give back to the Nigerian Literary scene for the things it has given us.