Ghost by Sayofunmi (Asteriqq) Soyewo


Falling for the lady by the coast

Separated by the sea Across and out of reach

On whose face a smile breaks out at the sight of another

Whose heart dances to the song of someone not me

Leaving my heart in despair’s grip

As my heart breaks by the tip

Falling for the lady on the other side Separated by a veil of mixed feelings

The one my heart sings for

The one who is but isn’t

The one i could hear, but could only hope she did

I steal a dance hoping to put her in a trance

But she stole my heart and fed it to a wild cat
Falling for the lady by the beach

In whose story i am nothing but a shadow

Left in the dark, forgotten.

Staring through glass covered in frost

Hoping I’ll be noticed every time

Longing to be seen

But I could feel her fading away

Further and further till she’s gone

Taking my heart with her

She’s no ghost,

She’s just out of my reach.

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