I knew then that I loved you by Shoteh Ologun.


Do you remember the night we met for the first time? You wore a yellow jacket.
I always want to go back to that night.

You asked if I was lost and I told you I was waiting for someone.
Truth is, I was really lost.

I remember you standing by my side and
waiting for your “imaginary friend”.

We giggled. We laughed like we had known each other forever.
I wondered how a person could carry so
much light.

You told me how you thought love was more about being in the moment and not about what could be.

Feeling what you feel in that moment and not being worried about if you’d feel the same way tomorrow.

Love is fleeting. Feel everything you can.
I thought you were insane.
I still think you are.

We stood by the roadside and I swear when your fingers brushed against my cheek,
something stirred up inside of me.

You asked me what happiness meant and I told you.
Happiness is to just be. Happiness is
Bask in it while you can.

You really laughed and called me crazy.

We really were two crazy people.
You know you lied.
There was no “imaginary friend” because no one came.

I saw you for 22 more nights after that night.
I only ever saw you in the night time. At the same spot. In your yellow jacket.

On the 9th night, you sang to me.
I knew then that my life was never going to be the same. I knew then that I wanted to keep you.

I’m back to our spot. I can’t find you.
All that’s left is your yellow jacket.
It’s raining but I’ll be right here waiting for you.
Will you come tomorrow?

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