One Life by Okikiola Peri


In the world right now, every conscious mind will question life

What it’s really all about, where we eventually go and how we strive

With the ability to think, plan and how our instincts is to survive

Seeking for a end and the same time wanting to look back on how we thrive

Religions, isms, laws and commandments, Believes, Faiths, spirituality and hopes

Everything is centered around our lively hood, including jokes

Daily making up for the life we never planned to come live the way we want

It’s more like we individually have to choose the way we hunt

For money, food, clothing, shelter, happiness and of course the internet

Online being more of a place to boost and use the most of our intellect

To be brilliant is as though it’s better to be intelligent or smart

This journey of life solely depends on when and how we decided and choose to start

Our process, progress, problems and procrastinations is part of how we live

And everything has to be faced properly before we leave One day if there’s an opportunity for our existentiality to be questioned What will be said when our names are being mentioned?

The answer to all our uncertainties and calamities hasn’t been provided

So we have the rights to stick together, stay together and not be divided

Together in peace, love and joy while we live we stay alive

To the fullest we breathe the same air because we have one Life

And it better be worth living.

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