To us all


Time and chance are two lovers fated by will to be
Between hail and storm, thick and thin
Even if Priority an ever prompt sir
Tries turbulence to stir
But Fate the never wrong very wise sister
Had already written their wonderful chapter
And when events the callous and fair maiden
Had had an affair with time above and underneath
Chance cried a bitter tear
And felt a tap from the grotesque one they called Fear

But when she met the ever happy love, her dearest dearest friend
She learned that bliss could have no end
And through the story that spans decades

Time and chance did end up together in every case
Their baby being magic
Was everything they cherished; Absolutely splendid!
And this my friends is the lesson to draw
Time and chance happeneth to us all.

To the France team congratulations­čĺ×

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By clarajack


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