DEVIL by Ordeezy


I am not responsible for your evil,
This is true.
I only punish those who deviate from good.
I am a necessary catalyst in this drama,
I play the thief, cheat and liar.
When things do not go your way
My name is available for you to blame.
Paint me as you like, make black my attire,
All I truly do is give you what you desire.
I am the balance since I play evil
But to my creator I tremble and remain civil.
You are the architect of your problems yet you loathe me
To convince yourself that you’re good like you’re meant to be.
Blame me for all your sins you loser!
I will stand against you as your accuser.
When it’s too late for salvation’s bell,
I will lead you to the dark depths of hell.

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By clarajack


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