DROWN by Ordeezy


If you fall in love with a poet;
You will fall too deep but you’ll love it.
You will lose every reason to struggle and fall with a smile.
You will dive in the ocean of his words;
Words so perfect like water from spring they will clean the heart.
You will bury your soul in the sea of his words and hope he recreates you perfectly.
For a poet is a god and his words make flesh.
When you love a poet,
You will drown in the sea of verses till you reach the tide so strong you struggle.
You realise the ocean is not as calm as you thought,
The sea might be beautiful to view but dangerous to swim.
Your ideals set like the sun and reality unveils;
You loved the message not the messenger, You fell in love with the poem, not the poet.
When you realise this it would be too late.
You’ve dived too deep,
Overwhelmed by the ink of his pen.

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By clarajack


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