For eons, people in love have written the most captivating songs, poems and stories about the ones they love; their muses. They sing or speak of unthinkable things that would happen should something happen to the love of their lives or the bond they have. Many a writer have ended reality itself in an attempt to portray just how much they love their “baby”. 


I draw not only from the inspiration of all the great writers before me, but from you, my muse, my queen, my goddess. How may I end reality for you, my dearest? Should the ground shake and crumble or the sky melt away? Should time itself cease or should space fold in on itself, engulfing all of us in perpetual darkness? Should Aphrodite herself climb down from her seductive throne and bear witness to our love? Or should Zeus craft constellations in your name? 


You are absolutely priceless. Not just any work of art but a masterpiece, one that took ages to make and even longer to perfect. My love for you has no earthly measurement. No scale or rule, gauge or meter in this world or beyond can read it. I am smitten, struck down and yet I feel as though on a cloud, your love making the ground beneath me just as soft. And just as the great writers of word and song before me, I make known my love for you, bare and naked just as a baby on its first day.


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