Questioning our Love by Oyinkansola Alausa


Let’s see our coming together as a union
But  do we see ourselves as companion
When we trail in the art of  love as the only solution
That ignites the fire in our expressions

Are you in love
I’m I in love
Or we both seek for emotional satisfaction
When we create alternate realities in our mind
To accomplish our set stake

Are you in love
I’m I in love
Or we run in line with the ones in the race
So as to keep up the pace
And not left in a state

Are we both in love
Or we crave for one thing in common
That preaches togetherness
A child

Are you in love
I’m I in love
Or we both trail in the art
For financial consumption

When will we finally realise
That amidst our interest
There is one key factor

LOVE does not lie
LOVE is not deceitful
LOVE is not betrayal
LOVE is not wicked
LOVE is never tired

Why can we not love forever
Why can we not share memories together
Why can’t we  build the house together
Why can’t our children learn from both our shoulders in accordance

What do you call love
If you and I can love as the as the creator loves
Nothing will shred us apart

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