Real Me by Oyinkansola Alausa


I’m a black child
With lots of dream and aspiration
Born into polygamy
Not by choice, but by force

I am that child who replaces worry with solitude
Where I turn my words and feeling to creative insights
A gift giving to me by God to manufacture wings
As I run on my heels

Gift to inspire hope and saturate courage
Lines that are too plain to wake and make you
might not be buoyant but words help to stay right

Where does real happiness lies
I want it to be my safe abode
Every day still feels like I’m drowning in a pit
Solving each puzzles to reach the peak

There is weight on this shoulders
Pains holding still like they’ve been moulders
Everyone didn’t get somewhere by talking, they say
But i’m still here striving per say

Did you just say it’s not how far but how well
I’ve been waiting, and the only thing that keeps me going is what I’m earning
Earnings that don’t come with prize but accolades that helps you rise

My mother Believes and she would leave leads of his words to my wrist
He will provide she says , hoping provident measures should be taking at once

looking forward to bright days
Whence the cloud are particularly not hindrance but reference of the past
This story isn’t detailed just sailing through its depth

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