Without Him by Muhibbah Yahya


Without you I have been nothing but a broken shell holding up a façade of wholeness,
For how can I be whole when without you I am half agony, half wonder completely and irrevocably incomplete,
I sit starless night after night gazing up in search of the star that was once subject to your dandy,
But night after night I am fruitless,
Because like half of my soul it has twinkled out
Leaving nothing but a cold blot of darkness where you once lay,
I wonder night after night; have I left your dreams uncalled, untouched, empty of my presence,
Or do I plague you as you plague me,

Have you forgotten how my eyes twinkle under the candle light,
How my touch felt, light as rain yet, yours as damaging as a storm,
Do you remember the veil that hid us from the world, serenading us with the chitter chatter of the world beyond us,
I have forgotten them, as bright as my little white lies might seem I have,
For no matter how dead the barely beating part of my life may feel,
It’s still beating, faintly but strong,
Which means I can go on, I crave for your presence as much as I abstain from it,
And so I pretend I have forgotten even though you’ll always grace me like a phantom,
Always there but never quite

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