Time to live has come and gone
Just like minutes went the seasons
One could wait but time was all too small
One could wish but it made no sense, none at all

Our love was incredible
One everyone wished to share
It was remarkable
People could only dream it none could dare

In the twinkling of an eye
How it died
It ruptured like a rose crushed by an angry soldier
Never again can we behold
Such love that could stand even in the seasons of cold

Not because it expired
But because life was against it
People did not hate it they feared it
I do not blame them
They just do not trust what they cannot explain

They did not want to look in
Because they felt it was too deep
They connived with time
They gave it wings to fly

That raining night
Like one in my nightmares
I heard a strange knock
It was an unwanted guest

I opened the door and knew I had too long
Death came back demanding you or me
As love should have it
I gave myself for thee

Find another pray I for you
I love you and I will be watching
Looking down like the heavenly bodies
From a sky so full of stars that glow.

“Some things looking better baby just passing through”

-Elton John🌹

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