I am no expert at comprehending grief but I continue to do it by Clara Jack


I wrote an honest moving piece on grief in 2021 after I lost an aunt and my mum’s best friend in the same month. Losing Aunty Lolo and Uncle Darlington in July 2021 was my spirit telling grief, ‘e don do’ because I had been grieving long before then. Grief has altered my life and continues to do it but in August of 2021 I decided to write all I had learned about it in a 7-part memoir titled...

My Father’s House by Popoola Ololade Aderemi


You’re in the kitchen when the phone rings for the third time that evening. You don’t check who it is because you already know, you didn’t have to check the first two times either. There was no mystery surrounding the ‘ who ‘. It might have been a different story if you didn’t know the ‘ why ‘ but you knew. And it wasn’t a different story. You...

There are not enough Poems about Love by Betini Udo


In the smallness of my grief, I hold all that we used to be. Broken vows and playlists  I do not listen to anymore.  In the smallness of my grief, I hold who I used to be with you And what I am now without.  A shadow lurking in your corner, Hoping the light of your smile  Will bring to the surface my humanness. I hold in the smallness of my grief All that I remember of you...


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