This is a culmination of everything that happens in the pencilmarks community at any given time



Here’s to us, one more toast! Another year has come and is about to go as we briefly close our doors on the 20th of December 2023. No worries, we will reopen on the 10th of January to continue doing what we do best, tell stories. Next year is remarkably special to us as it will be our seventh year and we are very excited. There are going to be strong changes with our submissions in line...



Hello everyone, welcome to the October Bulletin. This is the month immediately after our fallow and as with all good times when we get to rest, we also get to restrategize. The house has undergone a few changes and those changes are geared toward being better holders of the literary community. A feat we like to term, our doings.  Here’s what has happened in the days that have passed...



Hello, from the desk of the editor-in-chief of this wonderful publication. In the days that have preceded this one, a lot has happened in the louvers of this publishing house. Our second cycle proved to be a strong start after an unexpected fallow. Giving new and alive meaning to the term, ‘returning to love’. Just before we go on our annual fall fallow, here is the catchup and the things you...

Bulletin, May 2023


Hello, it is always a pleasure I delight in to write to the community on any and everything. This column is a cumulation of that. Everything happening in Pencilmarks and that has happened in the preceding days. Let us start from the past to see what is there to learn. From January until now has felt like a century but we have remarkable timestamps even in that flood of days. For one, we launched...


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