Bulletin, May 2023


Hello, it is always a pleasure I delight in to write to the community on any and everything. This column is a cumulation of that. Everything happening in Pencilmarks and that has happened in the preceding days. Let us start from the past to see what is there to learn. From January until now has felt like a century but we have remarkable timestamps even in that flood of days. For one, we launched...

Alive, Well and Breathing


An ode to Nigerian Literature by Clara Jack. I will begin this essay by stating clearly that Oris’ argument has some validity. The premise of my argument opposing his view is that he hinges deeply on the train of thought of the validity of a thing starting at acknowledgment and visibility. For me, I do not have the luxury to streamline the validity of everything in my life to begin with...

Dear Deirdre by Desire


Dear Deirdre, Oh, my love. I know, and I’m sorry.I’m sorry. It is my fault, and I am the reason the mess exists at all. I’m sorry. I should have been better. Could have found a way to have been better for you. I wanted to make you happy. God, I wanted that too much. I wanted to love you. I wanted to make you feel my love, carry it around like it was that yellow purse you took...

Glimmer of Hope by Okikiola Peri


A small and a very tiny chance Itsy-Bitsy of beauty at a glance The fulfilment of those great plans Your powerful dreams are now in your hands Touching and embracing the feeling of accomplishments What a survival of the stages and phases of punishments That pleasurable perspective is in sight Thoughts of how things improve in every way It’s amazing to see wonderful things come together There’s...

Pain by Okikiola Peri


My accomplice is hurtHaving a passion for deathMainly wanting to bring havocExpectancy that leads to depressionTo leave an uncomfortable impressionUsually against healingNot caring about what you are feelingHatred is always expectedHappiness is neglected Discomfort is my missionArousing tears without permissionWhy would I care?I want you to fearMy existence is a reminder that death and...

Absurd by Okikiola Peri


The fact that you are reading these written words does not mean it’s the right thing because all this could be a dream and you can be caught up in finding it difficult to fall asleep.  This is a state of mind where there’s a constant battle fighting with your state of mind. No one truly understands the purpose, we came up with that just to simply justify our deeds. Humans can never...

Stockholm by Olaitan


What do you remember?”I stared blankly at the two figures before me watching, waiting, trying to decide if I was a victim or an accomplice. I made a mental checklist of the details the way I always have. Soft eyes, dark skin, baby face, receding hairline, pitying expression- pathetic. His name tag read Johnson. Hands were soft and warm, discomfortingly so, he should see a doctor- good cop.The...

Tonight by Tolu Fowowe


I know, I know, I’m sure That you’re going to Leave, scheme, breeze and get away from me Goodbye for tonight I know, I know for sure That you’re going to Kiss, hug, and Squeeze  Make sure you squeeze him tight Just for tonight I know, I know, I’m sure That you’re going to Smile, wine and dine Make sure you smile so wide For tonight But I know, I know for sure That he’s going to Leave...

I am no expert at comprehending grief but I continue to do it by Clara Jack


I wrote an honest moving piece on grief in 2021 after I lost an aunt and my mum’s best friend in the same month. Losing Aunty Lolo and Uncle Darlington in July 2021 was my spirit telling grief, ‘e don do’ because I had been grieving long before then. Grief has altered my life and continues to do it but in August of 2021 I decided to write all I had learned about it in a 7-part memoir titled...

This is How to Kill a Man by Joy Anosike


Three years ago, I met Jude. Jude was the kind of man everyone, especially ladies, wanted to be friends with. A broad shouldered man with sparkling white teeth. He was that good and friendly, but nobody saw him as boyfriend or husband material, because I didn’t notice a girlfriend or wife hovering around to protect her man. We met at a mutual friend’s wedding party, and were both on...


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