The Wallflower by Akinsànyà Naomi

From shining bright to wallflower’s plight,  
I hide in shadows, shrinking from sight.  
I can take any form as long as I’m hidden,  
Losing myself in a world I’ve forbidden. 
Reminded of my past, I feel small and weak,  
Longing for the person I used to be.
My body reminds me I’m no longer it’s owner,
And I’m left in the dark with a gaping hole. 
Others try to pull me into the light,  
Hopeful eyes shining, guiding my sight.  
But do I deserve their unwavering hope?  
Have I really lost all my shining scope? 
I question my worth, clinging to my pain,  
Wondering how I can shine bright again.  
So I keep shrinking, a wallflower in disguise,  
Watching others shine with envious eyes.

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