A Man Named Fear by Suulola


In the solemn quarters of a young mind

A man named fear, brings gift unkind 

Wraps his hand around my heart

The fear he brings, tears me apart 

The fear of failure, a constant host

Chasing dreams behind the coast

It whispers in my ear at night 

The fear of failure, dimes my light

Climbed my horse, on the road to success

The man named fears tells me nonsense 

A heavy stone placed on my dream

For the fear of failure, my daily scream

Locked in the box of self doubt

The man named fear won’t let me out

I see me dream, soaked in fear

The pain I see, my heart can’t bear

The man named fear, stands so tall

I look up to him, I seem so short

Man named fear, stomps on me

Now I’m small but still won’t let me be

For now I stand, against this sea

For the man named fear must start to flea

Stood my ground, it’s time to dance 

A fight with fear, I took my chance 

For let this poem be our show of strength 

For to fear, we shall pay no more rent

So face your fears, you stand a chance

The man named fear shall be gone in a glance

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