In the end, we all want to be with someone who has not known the world enough to pick the evil therein. That’s what the world does. It stains. As I looked on Xander on the pulpit talk about salvation of souls I got it. I wanted to stay here with him. Even if it meant looking at him for the rest of my days on that pulpit. The only word I’d ever say to him again, “Amen”...

I felt that


That first time when someone kisses you. Those first five seconds before lust erodes both your brains. Those five seconds you feel the need to be close to someone out of pure fondness. The sparks you feel could light up a tower. The subtle vibration your nerves undergo. That one two three four five, I felt that.

You look happy don’t you?


Hey, Imagine yourself in centre of the world’s light. You’re standing beside your most desired celebrity. You’re married to them and you have children who are ridiculously beautiful. You feel proud don’t you? Now think of the person you’d give all that up for in a heartbeat. You’re standing beside the person and you’re holding hands. You look happy...

How To Take A Compliment


“You look beautiful today” “Thank you” But that doesn’t seem enough, does it? “You look beautiful today” Smiles and blushes Seems you’re not good with words doesn’t it? “You look beautiful today” Smiles, “Thank you” Yes, you’re getting there. “You look beautiful today” “Well, God is a perfect...

Other Girls


I’ve always seen other girls like they were in another world One where they never felt odd like I did A world where everything weird was long forlorn But I was the only one who thought this indeed I thought other girls had boys flocking Everywhere they turn, there was a boy lurking Of this I could almost swear I was sure But then I grew and learned it was not so The other girl down the...

I walk away


Ten nine eight seven The countdown just began Everyone praying to Heaven Waiting, hoping, holding hands. I’m rummaging through the crowd to find you I see you in my future I choose to see you So I want to kiss you like couples do every new year to be sure But 10% of me wants more Wants more of the excitement you dull Six, five, four I see you now, your eye on the tree So instead of kissing...

The Night Angel


I dream of a lady with golden eyes Those eyes, those eyes They make me loose track of time Her smile glows rays of warmth and light Her hair is fine like that of an olden wife She whispers love through the winds Elegantly dressed like a Queen she is I can’t but say what a sight it is To behold her beauty on a night like this Made my heart dance in pretty fast-paced clips The thought of her...

The extra mile


There’s a road I know all too well It has a clear path and a shrub bush If people walked that road seven out of ten always fell But the remaining three that thrived always pushed One day I walked down that road a mile more than I had before It had beautiful flowers and a patch of grown trees It was lovely. None like I had seen before A man lay underneath the trees. He had a smile and played...

To all my children


I couldn’t wait to meet you Nine months was all too long The day you came you had tears in your eyes Tears that made me cry too Your first tears of so many I hope you don’t cry too often So your beauty doesn’t fade So your innocence doesn’t dry up The way you cried when the needle pierced your skin You haven’t learnt to hold in your tears I wish adults knew that. I...


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