There are days when the only place I want to be is beside you

Days when I beg you not to get out of bed

Because then the cuddling ends and the warmth leaves with you

Days when I shudder at the thought of being overwhelmed by the cold

Because I fear the warmth may never return


But I’m glad today isn’t one of such days

Today, for the first time in a long time I do not miss you

I do not wish to lay next to you

And I do not care for the cold

Today I choose to cuddle with reality

Not scared to admit that I feel empty


Two halves of a whole we were meant to be

And now we’re apart I feel ripped apart

But it is too late for regrets


I guess this is the part where I let time be my rebound

I let it heal my wounded soul

And mend my broken heart

I let it patch up the cracks


I guess today is the day I finally realize

That nothing good can come from loving you.

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