I Can Be Tender by Clara Jack.



I have had to, in recent times 

Sit with myself 

In stillness, quiet and worst of all,

In fleeting moments.

I learned in those sitting moments that –

We bank on strength 

As proof of our longevity 

“I fought for this” 

I would like to remind us that-

 it’s not always been this way 

Once upon a time, we were soft. 

and in those sitting moments, who I am  returns 

This person unfettered by the world 

Is a quiet, soft spirit 

Who smiles at a meme her crush sent to her 

Who keeps flowers in a marvel jug on her table

I don’t want to bring muddy boots unto my rug 

Resilience is so in tune with survival 

But with my precious life, 

I don’t want to survive it. I want to live it 

So after putting on that resilient face for the world

For myself, in my quiet, I’ll remind myself that I can be tender 

I should be tender. 


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