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So I received a letter today. It read
“Dear baby girl,
I’ve known you since the day you set your eyes on that hospital wall and I’ve watched you ever since. Youve been the best kind of your beautiful you should be. You’ve made mistakes and that only makes you human and wiser. You’ve learnt to choose yourself and give yourself and that my Darling is love. You’ve found your horizon and also your Achilles heel. That is learning. Youve learnt that its OK to cry and it’s beautiful to smile. You’ve learnt that the monsters are those smiling at you even at the cathedral the likes of Frodo and not Quasimodo at the top of the bell tower. Now you’re embarking on a journey one that you want to world to remember. It will be tough but it will be life as grande as you’ve dreamed. When you get there I’ll see you. I’ll probably be the first because I’m always with you everyday and I’ll never leave you. It just hurts that I see a little less of you everyday but there’s more of you ahead. That makes me smile. You’re a Queen don’t dent your crown and dry your tears everything will be fine. Its a mad world out there but its also beautiful just look with your heart. You’ll be fine I know you will.
Yours lovingly,

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