Best reflections by Maureen Itah


If you have ever paid any attention to me,
not that I expect that anyone would, but no truer words have been spoken than when Belle was referred to as “the girl with her head in the clouds.” I was “Belle,” figuratively, metaphorically, and almost literally.
I had my “best reflections” when I was on a bike.
Call me crazy.
Because there was nothing “reflective” about being on a bike with the wind slicing through your ears and slapping your face. Amidst the hustle and bustle of cars, kekes, and other bikes that ride with their nine lives deep in their pockets, pedestrians scurry by the sides of the roads. And not to forget the sellers of everything and anything, ranging from clothes to mini markets to kiosks. And then the roasted yam, plantain, or corn. My favourites.
Somehow, I find that in between, wherever that may be, there is a calm to all this craziness. And over the blanket of the most pretty and beautiful sunsets that I mostly see, I have the most beautiful, reflective, and imaginative thoughts. Much like this one. Aboard my bike.

You may think me crazy.


Maureen Itah is a poet and writer who writes unapologetically about her feelings, mostly about things that immediately affect her and “minor inconveniences.” She is a yoga enthusiast and loves to listen to music and watch sitcoms. She is also interested in the art of origami, trying out new recipes, and researching random facts about history that interest her. 

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