Dear Mr. Muse,


So it’s you

You’re the one that keeps me writing

Keeps men pondering

Keeps me laughing

Keeps my ink flowing

Your eyes owe a debt

To the pens that have written about them

Ten poems to your hands

Ten poems to your feet

Fifteen to your smiles

I could say more but it would take a while

But because I’ve convinced myself

You’re more than a man

And youre a very special ingrate

You will live on long after I’m gone

There is nothing you can’t do

Unless my pen says you cant

Keep being you

That’s more than enough

And I’ll keep telling your tales

Not just because I want to

But because you’re too magnificent a being not to be written about.

Forever yours,

The writer💖

” A writer is someone who has taught his mind how to misbehave”

Oscar Wilde 💖💖

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