Fragilities by [M.A.]. L.H. D. Z.


Sometimes, I wonder really how crazy it is

to indulge in the idea that we are all walking around

deeply convinced we are in charge; when in reality,

we have absolutely no guaranteed idea of what

our mind will invoke next.

Are we really in charge of our being?

Should we be in charge or feel the charge that we are?

We encompass and embody this vast universe

we are simultaneously made of and circulate in,

yet we refuse to agree on what it means to be a human being.

We refuse to see our magic shape-shift in the light.

We ironically admire and give full respect to that same thing

– The ability to be differently expressed yet remain the same at its core –

When we come across art, furniture…you get the picture?

The real conundrum is:

Why we do not give human beings that same admiration and full respect,

when we are all, at our core, the same –

Regardless of what color we are, whom we love,

how old we are, how we wish to be referred to,

where we originated from, what we speak, where we choose to inhabit,

how much money we have, what we choose to believe in…

and in general how we choose to express ourselves.

We are all human beings.

Will we ever understand that?

Or will we all die trying?

Author’s Bio

As a writer based in Addis Ababa Ethiopia, the pen name [M.A]. L. H. D. Z.was birthed for and by this author to comfortably share her work without feeling external pressure for being her authentic self. After running a triumphant experiment committing to a year on Instagram under her pen name, sharing writing for her personal series titled #NoFeelingsLeftBehind, she continues to write short stories and poetry in the hopes of one day becoming a celebrated author.

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