Glimmer of Hope by Okikiola Peri


A small and a very tiny chance

Itsy-Bitsy of beauty at a glance

The fulfilment of those great plans

Your powerful dreams are now in your hands

Touching and embracing the feeling of accomplishments

What a survival of the stages and phases of punishments

That pleasurable perspective is in sight

Thoughts of how things improve in every way

It’s amazing to see wonderful things come together

There’s less hardship as softness beckons

This peace is what the heart reckons

It’s an encore for more

Of what the soul has been yearning for

Laughter approaches with a never-ending smile

The light at the end of the tunnel after walking the mile

Isn’t this unconditional love?

An alignment of the universe and blessings from above

Can’t wait to see how fast darkness fades

Here’s the fruit of the progress that has been made

What a moment to appreciate life and remain thankful

Look how much patience and endurance has been helpful

Overcoming reproach and lack of support

Now the full moon is bringing every energy back.

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