The encounter by Austin Obi


It was the long holiday break and Buchi came back home from school because he didn’t have any allowance to stay in his lodge during the holidays. He was mostly helping at Mama’s shop and also doing his final year project. On a cold Friday morning after doing his choreshe decided to log into the yellow app. the app where queer men who wanted to hook up with other queer men went to when they were horny. The app was full of razz and uncultured people but there were some Normal people there too after all he met his ex on that app. He was horny so he needed it, Few minutes of searching for profiles and messaging the ones who’s profile looked sensible one of them replied almost immediately and they had the usual conversation ritual for gay men in the country,he didn’t want anything personal just casual sex that morning. After exchanging pictures and social media handles, Buchi checked the social media Handle he gave him and he was real,they even had few mutual friends on Facebook and Instagram. He got ready and flagged down a tricycle and entered, everywhere looked new, he hadn’t really gone out since he came back from school, it was 1 o’clock already and School students were walking home in groups while some were lapping each other in different tricycles, the mosques was filled up with people, his destination wasn’t far from the mosque so he texted Ifenna and asked him which gate to stop at, Ifenna texted back almost immediately and said the Big Brown gate with Barb wires on top. Buchi instantly recognised the house because it was the only one with an extremely big gate. He stopped and paid the driver and called Ifenna to come out that he was outside the gate and it was locked, Ifenna told him to knock and tell the gateman he came to meet someone on the 4th flat,he knocked and the security opened the gate and let him in when he mentioned which apartment he was going to, Ifenna had informed the gateman. When he reached the door of flat four he knocked and Ifenna came out dressed in just a joggers with a black singlet on, he was sweaty which means he was exercising,they exchanged pleasantries. Buchi examined the house and his surroundings quickly which was a security measure he always took when he visited someone which was rare though. Ifenna showed him the room and told him to undress, and want to shower. Buchi didn’t undress because he didn’t think it was safe to do it. When Ifenna came out and saw him with his clothes on he frowned and asked him why he hadn’t undressed, buchi said nothing and started undressing slowly while Ifenna was drying his wet body when he was done and was wearing only briefs and they started kissing he had a loud bang on the door and voices in the house he released himself from. Ifenna’s grip and grabbed his bag, two weird looking men barged into the room with planks before he could wear his clothes and immediately Ifenna started saying that Buchi wanted to rape him and in a split second buchi sensed what was going on. He was being kitoed, he had been wary of an incident like this since he was 15 and discovered he was attracted to men,he was ready. he was always ready whenever he went to meet a new person, he had his pen knife and pepper spray in his handbag. he brought the pepper spray out and immediately sprayed it on the men’s faces, before Ifenna could hold him down he kicked him in his groin area and luckily he was only wearing briefs, Ifenna who was in pain fell down and he sprayed the pepper spray in his eyes, he used the plank to hit the two men until they were unconscious, as that was going on Ifenna regained his senses and lynched towards buchi and buchi fell down, Ifenna tried to hit him with the plank but Buchi was faster and he kicked Ifenna’s legs and he staggered back and fell. Buchi knew he had to run for his life but he wanted to teach Ifenna a lesson, he brought out the knife and stabbed him several times immediately threw the knife into the toilet and flushed it down. he dressed up and ran down the stairs frightened as hell, luckily the gate was open and he ran as quick as he could Adrenaline pumping into him. He completely forgot that the building was in front of a busy road and he ran into the road and was hit by a truck which didn’t even stop to see if he had died,he could feel life slipping away from him and immediately he closed his eyes and fell asleep. The next time his eyes opened which was two weeks later, he had been comatose. A good Samaritan saw him bleeding on the road and rushed him to the hospital,his back was broken and he had to be confined in the wheel chair for life. He was at least happy that even though he was crippled for life he made sure that scum wouldn’t torment another gay man since he was dead. THAT WAS A WIN.

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