The soldier’s wife


She could only hope
She could only wait
She was always tense
She craved his presence

It was just like yesterday
He left for the war
He promised to be back
He had that look in his eye

Her toes turned sore
They were sore because she stood on them
Every day
Searching the fields if he would come back

But he never did
Many suitors came
She was beautiful
But she gave her heart to her soldier
Every three months
She sent him a letter
Her mailbox became rusted
Because no letter ever came back

Well not until after seven years
She sat on the porch as always
The postman walked up to her
He gave her the letter

Her husband finally wrote her
I am coming home
Her heart leaped for joy
All her waiting finally paid off

The next three days, he came back through the golden grass
He told her stories of the war
He put his barrette on her head
And she wore it with pride and happiness

Joy filled their hearts
But her soldier was sent for again
The pain of him dieing came back
Her soul was gripped by fear
At least this time
She would not be alone
She had her little Elise to care for
But how long would he be gone for

As they watched him through the window
Tears rolled down her cheeks
The pain returned
She held her baby in the crook of her neck
And she prayed;
“Dear Lord, please let my little Elise never be a soldiers wife”.

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