Such Longings


I want to feel something

I’m tired of having nothing

I want to be doted upon

As the thread of life is spun

I want to have the heartache

I want to eat and have my cake.

I want the worrying

Worrying that comes from loving

I want oh I want Boy

Even though he be so coy

I want to smile at his devices

And giggle to his sweet nothings.

I want to keep awake

I want to cook and clean and bake.

I want to ease and please

Someone other than myself at least

I want to laugh and cry

All at the very same time

I want to love and hate

One very special ingrate

I want to hope for more.

I want to fill my cup let it pour

I want to have someone to miss

I want to have eyes and cheeks to kiss

Is this too much to ask

Is this so great a task

I want to cry a brook

Dry cheeks spoil the look

I want to wear his clothes

Remove them and not fold

I want to watch the stars

And dream of places afar

I want to hold his hand

Convince myself he’s more than a man

I want to fly like a dove

Oh I long for boy to love.

“Keep love in your heart a life without it is like a sunless garden where all the flowers are dead”

Dear Oscar Wilde 💖💖

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