Knocking on open doors


Sitting on the cold bench

Waiting for him on that same bench

With flowers and chocolate

We would have a nice date

But he came down from that train

With another woman he was married in plain

She had a baby bump and a wide smile

I wasn’t surprised I had known for a while

But I just couldn’t stop loving him

Now I believe all the good ones are taken

He had all my attention in this city

He said so because his wife couldn’t see

I knew this all along

He had sung it like a song

He never told me he would leave her

But I never wanted to see her

All the guilt I felt in that seat

But the funny thing is that I don’t regret it

Not one bit

I loved him. Probably always will

And now my child would love him

But would never know him

And one day maybe just maybe

Min and hers would be friends

Best of friends maybe

They would go over to each others houses

And play hide and seek

Craving milk and cookies

Running through corridors

Knocking on open doors

And so fate heard me

And this wish granted me

The man whom I loved dearly

I saw almost everyday nearly

Because our daughter told his son

“You’ll be my best friend till forever comes”

“You don’t love someone for their looks or their clothes or for their fancy car but because they sing a song only you can hear”

Dear Oscar Wilde💖💖

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