A certain regular man 


A certain regular man

Sat in front of a standing fan

Ill, old and frail he was

Cancer they said was the cause
He had his regular family

Living in the ethical regular city

His wife, two sons,two daughters

All grown and bitter about his death
He had lived his life justly

Never done something bad or wrongly

Or so the society thought

He never even fought
But on a certain night sometime ago

When on business he had to go

He met a fair maiden

And felt nothing else but craving
He took her into his bed

And she in return opened her legs

They spent the night together

But they knew this wasn’t the love story of forever
His business elapsed

Their ecstasy collapsed

Going back home

Leaving his maiden alone

Years passed and he resumed his regular life

He assumed he loved his children and his wife

He conquered troubles and many a strife

Except now when he sat in front of a fan loving a maiden more than his wife.

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