Story book romance 


And so it began

Hey there!

He smiled a very warm smile

Could light me up from a mile
He was so everything

Everything I dreamed just everything

His plans his hands his kiss

His touch his everything
I could see my self with him

In ten years with the lights dim

But that was it

All I could see
He’d painted his picture

But I wasn’t in it

Beautiful work of art Brilliant!

But that was it it was just that
He settled for only existing

I wanted to live

Live here live now live wild

But he, he he was the closest thing I had to a storybook romance. One I always want to read
But my life wasn’t on pages

At least not yet

It was out there

I was spontaneous a friend remarked
And so it ended

Goodbye you

You are everything- I know you are

But right now everythings not enough..

“To live is the rarest thing in the world most people exist, that is all”

Dear Oscar Wilde 💖💖

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By clarajack


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