Hello everyone, welcome to the October Bulletin. This is the month immediately after our fallow and as with all good times when we get to rest, we also get to restrategize. The house has undergone a few changes and those changes are geared toward being better holders of the literary community. A feat we like to term, our doings. 

Here’s what has happened in the days that have passed. Immediately after our fallow, we launched into our regular publishing Fridays, launching our spoken word page, and executing our joint class with our great friends at Iko. The class was a success in our books and the material for said class is available to be perused hereThis class is the start of a wonderful era in the house and we hope you will linger with us enough to experience it. 

We are delighted yet constrained to announce that we will be postponing our fellowship to next year. This is to enable more writers present themselves clearly and for us to work on better ways to receive you, our dear writers. The fellowship is something we are hopeful will herald this new era for us in pleasantly, our seventh year. The fellowship is also linked heavily to a feedback series we intend to launch. All of this, we are tailoring to put writers on their best footing. A community is coming and we would like to see you there. To be the first to hear, sign up!

Before the year ends, we will also be conducting our end-of-the-year writing competition but until then we will continue our regular publishing Fridays. We hope to publish you on one of said blessed days. 24,7 (a theme we are terming next year’s timeline and events) holds a lot of promises and plans for the house. We are expectant, hopeful, elated. More news will come in due time on exact dates, structures, and continuing programs such as the internship cycle. We are aware that there have been inquiries, and we will give answers.

In this penultimate bulletin, we would like to say thank you for your participation in these ten months. We took stock after the class and realized that in this time, we have published fifty writers! We also had a staggering 90 sign-ups for our first class and we have had inquiries on the next one in the series. Gratitude is timely because there is no us without you, what we do, we do for the average Nigerian writer. 

As always, with all the excitement at what we can create, 



Pencilmarks Publishing House & Scribbles Magazine.

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Pencilmarks and Scribbles Magazine was founded in 2017 by Clara Jack to be a home for African writers, asking them to come as they are and giving them room for growth. The publication aims to give back to the Nigerian Literary scene for the things it has given us.