Crooked Bookshelf Down the Hall by Kassidy


black coffee,
guitar picks,
fingers intertwined.
the soft sighs,
the explosive rants,
the smell of rain.
your viridian green sweatshirt,
a comfortable silence,
watching me, watching you.

all these little details mapped out like constellations.
and my favorite was how pleasurable it was to not reach out to nothing.
but now it’s 4 a.m. and I’m drowning in a puddle of our memories,
hunched over myself doing what I do best,
finding you at the very end of a bottle.
the bitter aftertaste is prominent,
almost like everything that came after you.
i feel like throwing it all up
not just the disgusting liquid in my stomach,


my heart, my lungs, kidney, spleen, everything i am,
on the ground,
laying with the sand.
and I’ll be the true definition of emptiness.
i’d bare myself naked to the world, and nothing would hurt anymore.

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