Eyes made of love by Adigun Peter


Your eyes remind me of love. 

Not the fairytale love story, 

but one where two beings, though separate, are still together. 

They can live without each other, 

but will never feel complete 

until they are together. 


Your eyes remind me 

of the love I wished for after 

reading my first romance novel. 


I don’t fret because since you have your eyes for life, 

you have me for life. 

Life will take its toll on us-just like it sometimes

blows sand to the eyes- but we’ll overcome since we have each other. 


I see your perfectly round eyeballs, 

the one that act as a gateway for light, 

and I see why we are together, 

because you are my light, 

and with those eyes, 

I’m never lost in the dark. 


Your eyes remind me of you, 

and you remind me of us


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