Eyes made of love by Adigun Peter


Your eyes remind me of love.  Not the fairytale love story,  but one where two beings, though separate, are still together.  They can live without each other,  but will never feel complete  until they are together.    Your eyes remind me  of the love I wished for after  reading my first romance novel.  The “HAPPILY EVER AFTER” story.  I don’t...

You remind me of by Riian


You remind me of the colour, Orange. Like the sun On a good Eve.   Of the colour, Brown. Like warm hugs and soft kisses Like coffee on a cold morn’   Of the colour, Blue. Calm, beautiful, and true.   • You remind me of the colour, Orange. Faint, soft The hue your skin has taken on.   Of the colour, Brown. Somber, sad The mood your eyes now mirror   Of the colour...

The Wallflower by Akinsànyà Naomi


From shining bright to wallflower’s plight,   I hide in shadows, shrinking from sight.   I can take any form as long as I’m hidden,   Losing myself in a world I’ve forbidden.  Reminded of my past, I feel small and weak,   Longing for the person I used to be. My body reminds me I’m no longer it’s owner, And I’m left...

A Man Named Fear by Suulola


In the solemn quarters of a young mind A man named fear, brings gift unkind  Wraps his hand around my heart The fear he brings, tears me apart  The fear of failure, a constant host Chasing dreams behind the coast It whispers in my ear at night  The fear of failure, dimes my light Climbed my horse, on the road to success The man named fears tells me nonsense  A heavy stone...

Dreams At The Other Side by Amongmen


Dreams are our what if’s A chance to embark on the possibilities of our talents For some, dreams are more sacred Embedded in meanings not of the spiritual But of hope, dispensation, and wine which quenches thirst Dreams are an endless void Continually stacked as we learn about the world A sword in the hands of an untrained Whose swing could cut or leave one cut Hence our unease at pursuit Dreams...

Bread, Honey by Tìmíléyìn Akínsànyà


I have never known love to be this kind and freeI have never felt this way beforeMy heart relaxes in your touch and I am allowed to be myselfTo take off the masks I wear that shield me from the painLayerByLayerYou take them off and kiss meYou take them off and see me There is a permanent music in the air,A melody that rises from my depthsIt fills my ears with sweet words and poetryWe go together...

The Heart and The Mind by Mila


My heart is a brain if it feels right I don’t have to think about it,But for every dumb decision my heart’s made, it’s my actual brain that’s dealt with every bit,With every beat of my heart, my mind grows weary with thoughts,Like I decide to wear my heart on my sleeves and my brain thinks of what if I get a slit on the wrist?Or if I’m ever left with a heavy heart will I still be able to throw a...

Real Me by Oyinkansola Alausa


I’m a black childWith lots of dream and aspirationBorn into polygamyNot by choice, but by force I am that child who replaces worry with solitudeWhere I turn my words and feeling to creative insightsA gift giving to me by God to manufacture wingsAs I run on my heels Gift to inspire hope and saturate courageLines that are too plain to wake and make youmight not be buoyant but words help to...

Without Him by Muhibbah Yahya


Without you I have been nothing but a broken shell holding up a façade of wholeness,For how can I be whole when without you I am half agony, half wonder completely and irrevocably incomplete,I sit starless night after night gazing up in search of the star that was once subject to your dandy,But night after night I am fruitless,Because like half of my soul it has twinkled outLeaving nothing but a...

DROWN by Ordeezy


If you fall in love with a poet;You will fall too deep but you’ll love it.You will lose every reason to struggle and fall with a smile.You will dive in the ocean of his words;Words so perfect like water from spring they will clean the heart.You will bury your soul in the sea of his words and hope he recreates you perfectly.For a poet is a god and his words make flesh.When you love a...


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