I wish I did not know so much 


On a certain night

With the moon very bright

I sat on my bed

A lot in my head
I reminisced as much as I could

Or rather as much as I should

I thought about the good

Raked my hair in my hood
I saw myself where I was

How my life never seemed to pause

But most of all

I thought of love
How love and innocence met

How good holding hands felt

How much him looking at me meant

How young love had no dent
Back then it was so easy

We were never so busy

Who liked who more didn’t matter

Nor how long the love would last
On that night I realized

Why love was so hard was because of time

Now it seems I know a lot of things

Things I should consider nothing

All these things stand in the way

Limit the things I ought to say

Knowledge is life. It is power

But too much flower crushes the flower
Knowing has helped me yes I know

But it’s time to let some go

If not they would become a hunch

And right now I wish I didn’t know so much.

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By clarajack


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