Widow songs 


He was my north my south my east my west

My working week and my Sunday rest

My noon my midnight my talk my song

I thought love would last forever I was wrong

Funeral Blues

W. H Auden.

And when the tears had stopped

There was nothing else not one drop

There was only silence

Deafening loud silence

Deafening long silence
It was like nothing I had ever known

I didn’t need anyone I unplugged all the phones

And when the people were gone

There was nothing left – no not one
They had cried some had wept

Some brought gifts I wish I hadn’t kept

Some gave speeches some wrote letters

Some said “Hide the body no seeing don’t let her”
But no one knew him like I did

From none of their plates did he feed

All the tears none as salty as mine

With none of them did he dine
He was my husband

My one in a thousand

He was my friend

His love for me had no end
He was my pillar

My sorrow healer

He was enough with no dent

With him I was content
But now he’s gone

Never to return

I don’t need their pity

Which they call ‘sympathy’
I need my husband, my one and only love

I need to see his smile, feel his touch as pure as a dove

You cannot bring him back now can you?

You have no business here, no work to do
Please leave me alone to fade

The whole world please go away

I have his riches his name and his wealth

But sadly I am no longer content.

Dedicated to big mummy. We love you.. Rest in peace.

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