I’ve noticed by Tolu fowowe


Today I noticed things,
I noticed your hair
It doesn’t fall that way
To the left, like it used to
It doesn’t have that same
sheen and bounce to it

I noticed your eyes
They look dull
Duller than usual
They used to look
like flashlights on low power
But now they look like
old, very old headlights

And your smile
I’ve noticed your smile
I noticed that your smile
isn’t there anymore
It used to be there
In its place now
is a fractious frown

Your smile used to
tell a million stories
But that fractious frown
Gives them all bad endings

I noticed your skin
It didn’t used to look
So pale, it was never
this pale, why is your
skin this pale?
It wasn’t this pale yesterday
When I watched you dance

Your hair was bouncing
Your dull eyes were beaming
Your smile was booming
and your skin was blinding

Last night you were brilliant
But now I noticed that
your whole body is still
It’s not dancing anymore
It’s just lying there in front of me

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