Bread, Honey by Tìmíléyìn Akínsànyà


I have never known love to be this kind and free
I have never felt this way before
My heart relaxes in your touch and I am allowed to be myself
To take off the masks I wear that shield me from the pain
You take them off and kiss me
You take them off and see me

There is a permanent music in the air,
A melody that rises from my depths
It fills my ears with sweet words and poetry
We go together like bread with honey

I have never known a love so real,
One that understands why I wear a bonnet to sleep
And knows why I lay on the floor when my body betrays me

You rub the folds of my belly lovingly
And worship the grey lines that stretch far from arm to arm
I touch your body and you respond with an old familiarness; we have known each other in another life

And when our tongues dance, I taste the honey in your mouth
I crave you as earnestly as the gods did an aphrodisiac
I thirst for the sweetness between your thighs insatiably
I lap at them greedily
I am hungry for you alone

I have with you, rituals as sacred as sharing a bath,
Each stroke on your shoulder an imprint of my adoration for you
So you never forget,
So your body recognizes mine in the dark

Soft bodies moulded for one another
A neck curved for me to rest on
Warmth that envelops me on stormy nights

Black skin,
Black on Black
Bleeding onto gold
A passion that burns deep from our chests,
Painting our skin gold

I see why the rainbow precedes us now
Because with you,
The skies are never just blue
They are bursting alive
With all the colors of our love.

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