Kessef the Kingmaker by Tolu


I make your world go round,
You should bow down to me,
Bow because I can lift you up or pull you down,
Because even in Freetown, nothing is free.

Some call me God’s gift,
Others say I am from below,
Some say I do good,
Others know me to be the root of all evil.
I make you beg for my presence,
I make your children think Love is shown by presents,
I make you fret from Nine to Five,
Bow down to me; I make you feel alive.

I force feed them false freedoms and make them think they can fly,
I am the critical Kingmaker,
I decide who is a coward or a Risk taker,
I am five simple letters but there is no value greater than mine,
Five simple letters, M-O-N-E-Y.

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By clarajack


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