Our love, Our music by Sayofunmi (Asteriqq) Soyewo


Our crescendos are building.
Let’s meet in perfect harmony,
Don’t let us drown in a clash
Of discordant notes.
Let’s make our own music,
Let’s dance to the rhythm and notes of our love.
Let our heartbeats synchronize into the perfect riddim,
And our roots intertwined as one.
Take my heart in your hand,
Strum my strings,
Let your words be my rhymes,
And mine your lyrics.
Let’s dance the night away,
Drunk in love,
and nurtured in emotions.
Let me touch every string of emotion in you,
To produce the best sounds to our ears.
Let’s dance the night away,
To our music,
To our heartbeats,
To our love.

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By clarajack


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